Fullerton Eye Glasses

Eyeglasses are most commonly used
as devices to correct vision enabling the individuals to undertake
the daily tasks without any hassle. Eyeglasses,
apart from their very fundamental function of vision correction, have
evolved to be somewhat as a fashion statement. The frames are available
almost everywhere in wide variety of shapes, sizes and color.

Fullerton Eye Glasses offer more than just primary
eye diagnosis and examination, and keeping you ahead with the most
up-to-date and stylish frames’ shape, size and color. Our optometrists
and staffs are one step ahead and provide added attention required
by your eyes by looking in-depth to your eye disorder and/or problem,
like conducting PD measurements of your distance between your pupils.
We have a wide selection of lenses of different functions subjected
to your needs because we offer just about all types of lenses.
Examples of some of our range of lenses include: prescription lenses,
non-prescription lenses, bifocal lenses, trifocal lenses, single vision
lenses, reading lenses, progressive lenses, sunglass lenses, fashionable
tinted lenses, sun-sensitive lenses, transition lenses, polarized
lenses, etc.

Gone are the days when eyeglasses were only produced
with glass. The lenses have been radically improved with the introduction
of high quality plastics. Glass lenses have given way to plastic lenses,
but we offer both in order to offer a wider range of selections for
our customers.

We have an extensive database of individuals’ information,
which we had recorded to provide the customers with instant condition
update of their vision should they require to make another pair of
glasses. Feel free to call
to obtain your vision’s information should you require it.
Although, glass is fragile in nature, the trade off as compared to
plastic is that glasses is considerably and relatively better in clarity
from an optical point of view and is somewhat better in resisting
scratches. Fullerton Eye Glasses offers you not only just glasses
with the frame but we also provide wide range of contact lenses to
cater to your needs.

Fullerton Optometrists, apart from offering primary
eye care, also offer other solutions like Fullerton Lasik, Fullerton
Vision Correction
that encompass vision therapy, visual rehabilitation
and preventive care in order to meet your service requirements and