Fullerton Eye Doctor

There are different types of eye medical
practitioners, namely, ophthalmologist, optometrist, vision therapist
and optician. Optician is a practitioner who fabricates as well as
fits the eyewear and glasses. However, prescription of eyeglasses
must be certified and provided by an optometrist. And that’s why;
we always believe that optometrist is the right person to provide
the suitable vision correction solution professionally.

Pediatric optometrist and Pediatric Ophthalmologist
are somewhat similar because both provide prescription of glasses,
diagnose, treat and evaluate, as well as devise a program or plan
on how to optimize the performance of eyes. Primarily, ophthalmologists
are trained to do surgeries, like Lasik. Fullerton Lasik Surgery’s
ophthalmologists are highly experienced and dedicated to perform or
treat any challenging eye disorders and problems. Our optometrists
are much better in the application of lenses, prisms and vision therapy
to improve and treat visual conditions. Fullerton Optometrist offers
you the options between surgery or therapy or lenses. According to
studies, on a scientific angle, interventions like vision therapy
facilitated by behavioral optometrists worked to a considerably high
success rate in treating vision disorders and learning affected vision

The emphasis is, therefore, on the need that the
eye diseases should be referred to ophthalmologists that is more of
their area of expertise. Fullerton Eye Doctors, generically understand
this requirement, and have been formulating a consultative approach
in offering individuals, after bringing across the understanding of
various practitioners’ area of domain and expertise. Generally, most
of the optometrists are more inclined to address the disorder as well
as more suitable in working out a structured treatment program to
treat and improve vision conditions. Optometrists, because of the
knowledge of meticulous analyzing principles, are more capable in
detecting eye diseases, binocular vision/convergence and prescribe
both eyeglasses and contact lenses. Fullerton Eye Doctors, on the
whole, address problems and come up with solutions based on the best
practices and precedence on a collective front. They undertake this
task through consultations with our other eye

Rest assured! Our commitment and specialized capabilities
will provide the most comprehensive testing and examination to identify
the disorder and the potential disorders and/or problems. It may be
too late to be referred to a specialist as the condition of your eyes
may worsen during the delay.