Fullerton Eye Care

All of us know the importance of eyes
in our lives. Your vision care needs have shaped the scope of optometrists’
practice nowadays. There are many potential eye problems and disorders
that could be prevented via proper consultative eye

Fullerton Eye Care focuses primarily on consultative
sessions in order to sieve out potential disorders and problems that
could strike your eyes. The common preventable disorders are, mainly,
Cataract, Diabetes related eye diseases, like Glaucoma and Macular
Degeneration. As you probably know, there are no known definitive
cures for certain eye diseases such as Cataract, Diabetic retinopathy,
Glaucoma, and Macular degeneration. Professionals at Fullerton Eye
Care have developed a strategy, or rather a systematic approach, in
preventing, if not substantially reducing, such risks from developing.

For instance, medical knowledge is inconclusive about
the causes of Cataract. But we have formulated a list of items that
generally identifies the risk factors that cause such eye conditions.
The factors like aging, smoking, high cholesterol, diabetes, myopia,
eye injury, and retinitis are responsible for Cataract. A systematic
program is developed by our highly experienced and dedicated optometrists
to address such risks by devising modes by which they can be reduced.
Part of our solution is the introduction of Vitamins C and E intake
in the patients, because antioxidants such as Vitamins C and E have
been known to greatly reduce the risk of contracting Cataract, thus,
slowing down its progress.

It is known that even National Eye Institute has been urging individuals
with diabetes to go for eye examination through dilated pupils, at
least on an annual basis. After an eye examination conducted meticulously
and carefully by our optometrist and practice
, we will also formulate a customized program for our patients
to follow subjected to their lifestyle. The major highlight of our
programs in addressing the eye problems is to control individuals’
sugar intake, which slackens the progression of retinopathy and lessens
the requirement for laser surgery for severe retinopathy.

Fullerton Optometrist will assess is the individual
needs a Lasik Surgery as a solution to the condition attributable
to diabetes. We are committed to cure and serve with our experience
and dedication, and able to provide the expert assurance that your
eyes will be taken care of.