Eye Doctor

There are many types of eye doctors who are specialists in different areas and have different
domains of practice. The similarity that they all have is that they
provide service related to your eyes and vision. They are Ophthalmologists,
Optometrists and Opticians.

Optician is someone who only specifically prescribes
glasses for primary conditions like shortsightedness and astigmatism.
Optometrist and Pediatric Ophthalmologist are somewhat similar because
both they provide prescription of glasses, diagnose, treatment and
evaluate and devise a program or plan on how to optimize the performance
of eyes. Primarily, ophthalmologists are trained to do surgery, like

Fullerton Lasik
Surgery’s ophthalmologists are highly experienced and dedicated to
perform or treat any challenging eye disorders and/or problems. On
the other hand, optometrists are more suited for the application of
lenses, prisms and vision therapy to improve and treat visual conditions.

Fullerton Optometrist offers you the options
between surgery, therapy and lenses.
According to studies, on a scientific angle, interventions like vision
therapy facilitated by behavioral optometrists worked to a considerably
high success rate in treating vision disorders and learning affected
vision conditions. All our optometrists are vision therapist trained.
They are known to provide professional medical assistance like visual
training, vision training or visual therapy. These visual medical
therapies are methods that attempt to correct and/or objectively improve
presumed ocular, perceptual disorders and also visual processing.
All such therapies do not include any surgical and invasive procedures.
This makes them comparatively safer and less risky. However, the only
trade off may be the time, as it may take certain duration for an
improvement or recovery to get noticed.

Basically, the two most common therapies used are
Orthopic Vision Therapy and Developmental Optometry. The brief function
of Orthopic Vision Therapy is the treatment of eyes having problem
with their coordination, amblyopia and binocular vision with the aid
of apparatus like glasses and prisms. The therapy also includes some
exercises of eyes that improve the comfort and efficiency of vision.
Developmental Vision Therapy is more systematic and requires the practitioners
to be specialized because it treats the difficulty to focus. This
therapy is more commonly used for professional athletes to increase
their responsiveness and reflexes.

Rest assured! Our commitment and specialized capabilities
will provide the most comprehensive testing and examination to identify
the disorder and also the potential disorders and/or problems.