Eye Care

Your pair of eyes is
probably the most useful organ you have that aids you to do almost
everything in your daily life. It also enhances learning by perceiving
image and make out what exactly it is. A pair of eyes, essentially,
provides two capabilities – eyesight and vision. Eyesight is the ability
to sharpen the things or images that your eye can see whilst vision
is the ability to make sense out of the images or things that were
perceived. Your eyes like it or not, are the only pair you’re going
to get in your lifetime. Taking proper care of them is, thus, extremely
and critically important.

There are many eye disorders that can be caused by
improper care. There are many harmful elements in the environment
that could affect your eye in a negative way. For instance, looking
at the sun is one such dangerous activity to indulge in, although
looking at it for a while will cause you to convulsively shut your
eyelid in order to avoid it. There are some other activities in life
that may also lead to eye disorders. Night driving, for example, as
many of us may have encountered, is more demanding and stressful as
compared to driving during the day. Accidents happen mostly at night
when visions and sights become a limitation and a challenge.

Generally, most people associate myopia to the inability
to drive in the night. Myopia, more commonly known as shortsightedness,
restricts the individual’s abilities to see far and distant objects.
However, individuals with such condition are able to see near point
objects. But the truth is that while driving with your vehicle’s headlight
on at night, individuals with average eyesight will also encounter
a temporary condition of shortsightedness. It is because people are
unable to focus their eyes between long and short distance at will
in a dark environment.

Fullerton Optometrist
has many occasions and experiences in assisting individuals in overcoming
this eye problem. It is not just a simple prescription of eyeglasses
that can solve this problem. You have to take good care of your eyes
in such detrimental environmental conditions. The main integral part
of the treatment will be a schedule of regular eye tests and examinations.
By doing so, not only can our Fullerton Eye Doctor provide you with
the best advice on what kind of lenses suits you most, but it can
also help you keeping your lenses updated to the most suitable distance.