Lenhardt Optometric Awards Free LASIK

Congratulations to Vincent Phamvan

Free reading glasses, free sunglasses, free eye screenings you may have heard of but free LASIK??!!!  That is a new one.  But here at Lenhardt Optometric Group in Fullerton it has become a reality for one of our lucky patients.  Local news sources and the Fullerton Chamber of Commerce all have been buzzing about his good fortune.

Over the last year many of my patients have entered our contest to win a FREE LASIK procedure.  You could do this by filling out a slip for the small plastic drawing box at the check in/ check out counter with Desiree.  This contest gathered thousands of entries from Optometry offices throughout Orange County. I am happy to announce that our patient Vincent Phamvan from Lenhardt Optometric Group was drawn as the winner for the free LASIK procedure.  He actually completed the procedure yesterday and as of this morning in our office he has 20/13 vision!  This result is better than the traditional 20/20 vision we see in healthy eyes, and even better than the 20/15 vision we see for many patients with excellent vision and health.

This opportunity was coordinated with NVision (formerly TLC) the premier LASIK organization in Orange County.   We exclusively co-manage our Laser vision correction procedures with the exceptional folks over at NVision.  The benefits to our patients are numerous with the co-management model;  We offer an unbiased consultation with patients at no charge about whether LASIK is the best solution for their vision.  We make sure that the expectations that our patients have about the procedure match up with the reality of their potential results to give them lasting satisfaction for years to come.  Multiple checks of their vision are made over time in order to provide the most accurate prescription once they have the procedure.  We perform roughly 10 visits with patients to ensure their procedure has the lowest risk, healthiest rapid recovery, most comfort and exceeds expectations.  All of these factors played into Vincent’s success, and we expect no less for any of our patients completing the LASIK procedure.