Have a Prescription Glasses Backup Plan

Imagine being  hospitalized in an emergency, and having your contact lenses removed once you get there.  Being in a room treated by people you cannot see is enough to make a bad situation significantly worse.  Unfortunately one of my patients found herself in this exact situation, unable to see the doctor or nurses treating her illness.  Luckily we were able to get her a set of glasses based on measurements we had previously taken.  We then hand delivered them to her bedside in order to alleviate the severity of her situation.

Several patients who wear their contact lenses exclusively have found themselves in a tight spot without a backup set of prescription glasses as well.  With an eye infection it is a requirement to not wear contact lenses for a week or more.  If it takes several days for new glasses to be made then the activities of normal life have to be put on hold.  No one wants to take vacation time to sit around not being able to see!

Another patient called us this summer while on vacation.  Rather than building family memories, he had become stuck in his motorhome with his broken glasses.  Now the vacation he had planned all year was threatened because Dad could not see anything.  After working hard all year for a vacation how horrible is it to break or lose your glasses, and not be able to enjoy yourself at all?  We have over-nighted glasses to many patients on vacation (even in campgrounds), but they lose a good portion of their vacation time.  Also they may not be able to pick their own frame, or may be stuck with lenses of an inferior quality in order to meet the rush deadline.

These sorts of situations reinforce the need for a backup set of glasses.  Always have a plan B that offers a vision  solution for you if your primary prescription correction fails.  At Lenhardt Optometric group we really strive to offer you viable backup options for prescription glasses, or contacts.  Give us a call at 714-525-3350  in order to schedule a time to come in and review your backup plan.  Now you can even go to our website www.fullertoneyecare.com to get scheduled!