Got a Spare? Safety Glasses in Fullerton

Don't operate nail/staple guns without eye protection!

Just a quick reminder to our patients here in Fullerton:  Wear your Safety Glasses!  Many of our patients who work in an industrial environment are used to wearing their safety glasses at work, but they are just as essential at home.  The attached picture is a great example of what can happen when putting some aluminum siding on a shed!  Luckily the staple was stopped by the polycarbonate lens. When working in the garage, using electrical or air powered tools, doing woodworking or metalworking you NEED to have safety glasses.  They are just as essential for sports like raquetball, motorcycle riding, and shooting sports.

Over 90% of the lenses from our office are Polycarbonate, which is a thin, and light material that has excellent optical qualities.  But it also makes an excellent safety lens.  We like to recommend these lenses because you never know when an accident CAN happen.  Just one of the additional benefits we build into our prescriptions for patients.

IN the event that you DO get something in your eyes call us at the office ASAP – 714-525-3350.  We frequently remove metallic and other foreign body material from eyes before it starts to rust, cause more damage, or get infected.