Fullerton Optometrist

Everyone knows that eyes are the most important organs of human body, which is required for almost everything people do in their daily life. Your vision care needs have shaped the scope of optometrists’ practice nowadays. If you think what your average optometrist does is just prescribing eyeglasses and contact lenses, then you are absolutely wrong. The expectations from users of glasses and contact lenses have expanded the scope of optometrists’ purview extensively.

Fullerton Optometrists, along with our practice staffs, are committed to assist individuals with eye problem, and correct them effectively and aptly. Basically, our optometrists would diagnose and examine the vision and eye problem before going on to test individuals’ visual acuity, color perception, focusing ability, depth and eyes coordination. After such meticulous tests and examinations, our optometrist will prescribe eyeglasses or contact lenses subject to personal preferences. Depending on the needs, we may recommend the patients to go through our vision therapy and rehabilitation. After the program, we will analyze accordingly and come out with a structured, yet comprehensive, vision treatment plan to tackle the problem or disorder. Fullerton Optometrists apart from offering primary eye care also offers other solutions like Fullerton Lasik, Fullerton
Vision Correction etc. that encompass vision therapy, visual rehabilitation and preventive care in order to meet with your service requirements
and expectations.

Our optometrists have vast experience and have helped many patients with challenging visual disorders and problems. We have successfully addressed problems, which required extensive and special needs like crossed eyes, lazy eyes, vision disorder, head trauma and monitor vision syndrome (commonly known as computer vision syndrome).

Our mission is to provide you with excellent service and the highest level of commitment towards correcting and/or curing of your condition. We also offer assistance and optometric services to individuals with functional vision disorders and/or problems, like difficulty in reading, difficulty in using of computer and other learning disabilities. Our highly dedicated optometrists are uniquely qualified to deal with all such functional disorders. We are consistently available and consultative in our approach towards problem identifications and providing solutions.