Back to School Vision

The Vision Council of America has found that 25% of students have a problem with their eyes that restricts their learning; less than half of those students will get an eye exam.

That means this year there will be more than 6 million kids returning to school with vision that restricts their ability to
Studies have shown that approximately 80% of learning is done through our vision.  Consider this information and it becomes a serious concern for parents, teachers, and eye doctors.  One of the kids who came into the office the other day said, “I don’t have work, but I have school and it’s pretty much the same.”  With this young yet observant view she recognizes the importance of her daily efforts in the classroom while assimilating it to an adult’s full-time job.  If education is the foundation for a successful future, our eyes are the tools needed to shape that very foundation.

Lenhardt Optometric Group has a distinct role in this effort.  We strive to maximize learning potential for kids by making sure their #1 stream of new information is working.  We carefully examine clarity of vision, as well as focusing, and eye teaming at both distance and near.  Then we examine the health of the eye as a proactive measure to avoid vision loss in the future.

Before sending our little workers off to their job it is of utmost importance to maximize their ability to absorb and process information.  The visual system is far more complex then how well one can see letters on a chart.  For this reason The first stop in back to school should be the office of your local optometrist.