3-D Stereo Vision

Now that the whole world is impressed with 3-D movies we have heard from many frustrated patients who can’t see 3-D, or can’t see it well. 3-D requires two eyes with excellent functionality. Any need for a glasses prescription or eye teaming can keep a patient from seeing things in 3-D.

The essential requirement is teamwork between the eyes. Patients who have the hardest time are those that have one eye that has more prescription than the other, or a lazy eye. Sometimes even people with excellent vision still have a hard time with 3-D vision.

Lendhart Optometric Group can test in our office for 3-D perception ability. Since it is a higher level of visual function, many patients can find the test to be quite difficult. There are multiple ways for content to be shown in 3-D, such as the red/blue system or polarization.

If you’d like to test your vision for 3-D perception contact our friendly staff at Lendhart Optometric Group to make an appointment.